We always appreciate the generous help of our local community. The LHS is solely funded by donations, sponsors and fundraising and so we greatly appreciate all of the donations we receive. Monetary donations are integral to keep us going and can be dropped off at, or mailed to, the Society’s facilities. Donations can also be done online here at

In addition to our daily costs, you can also donate specifically to the "Magnolia Fund" - a special reserve for cats who require surgeries involving amputations. These surgeries are costly and are often not anticipated in our regular budget. The fund was named after a sweet girl who had her rear leg amputated after she was attacked by an animal. Please tell us that you would like your money to go to the "Magnolia Fund" when you call or come in to donate.

Non-financial donations can include: cat food (preferred Whiskas Dry Meaty Selections and/or Friskies wet food - but we will accept all types!), cleaning supplies such as garbage bags (large and small), paper towels, dishwashing liquid, laundry detergent, bleach, all purpose cleaners (Pine Sol and Fantastik preferred), sponges, and grocery bags.

We also appreciate your Beer Store & LCBO returns (we’ll return them!) and Canadian Tire Money.

And of course, we always appreciate cat toys, cat trees, beds and blankets to keep our cats happy, comfy and entertained.

Please call ahead if you plan to give a non-financial donation to see what needs the LHS currently has.