March Update

As spring approaches, we would like to take this time to remind everyone to spay and neuter their pets! Once the warmer weather comes, so do the litters of kittens.

As well, we'd like to say a quick thank you to 8 year old Seth (pictured below) who - for the SECOND time - used his birthday as an opportunity to collect donations for the shelter. Thanks to Seth and his family & friends for their generosity!


Time for spring cleaning! Prince Edward Collegiate Institute (PECI) is holding an e-waste day on April 23rd. Bring your e-waste to 41 Barker Street in Picton to dispose of it properly. Proceeds go to the LHS. Hope to see you there!

***NEW MARCH 15, 2016***

We want to extend a great big thank you to Grace and Taylor (pictured) for donating $120 to the LHS this spring.

These young ladies sold hot chocolate to raise the funds but this isn't the first time they've donated - they have also sold lemonade and went caroling at Christmas to raise money! Grace and Taylor (both 10 years old) are both members of the AAC animal awareness club in Ottawa and we are very appreciative that they selected us as their charity to donate to! Thank you to Grace, Taylor and their family and friends for supporting us.


Wow! The generosity of the youth in our community is outstanding. We'd like to extend thanks to 8-year-old Jake who used his birthday to help raise money and donated goods for the LHS. Thanks to Jake, his family and friends for thinking of us and being so generous!